Hi there! My name is Ani, I'm a self-taught photographer and I can't wait to work with you! I've always been interested in cameras from an early age - from Holga film cameras to the never forgotten disposables, there really is nothing like a truly unpredictable film camera. It wasn't until an extended volunteer trip to Armenia in 2011 where I first picked up my brother's DSLR. He was gracious enough to let me borrow his since I didn't have my own at the time, there was no going back after this. I've been taking photos nonstop since. My camera would go everywhere I would go, to this day. Even with the ever evolving smart phone cameras, there is no end to my curiosity with how to make pictures as optimal as possible. I love taking pictures of everything - home interiors, couples, children - but I do have to admit that taking photos of people, especially natural and candid ones, are my favorite. There really is no bigger joy than making someone else happy with the memory you create with your pictures. I hope to work with you one day and make some photos that you can cherish forever!